20151125_JoshuaTree_306Joshua Tree Punk.

Last thanksgiving was an unusual one. I had the big luck of spending some time in the Yucca Valley, California by the Joshua Tree reservoir. Alessandro Giuliano’s Ubiquity Land is the project that he is developing and the Yoshua Tree is his guardian. Although the hardest part is already  accomplished a long way is still to go. Ubiquity Land has a perfect reality in Alessandro’s head and a tangible dessert area that is waiting to see all the pieces coming together. Like a puzzle that will never come to an end Ubiquity Land will always have a new artistic idea, a new project or a new reality that will need to see the light. I am fascinated with the fact that there was nothing there a year ago, there is a map or maybe a plan is a better word, with all kind of details that will take place at this fantastic location. But the best part is to listen to Alessandro talking about the future like if he could see it, like if he had it in front of his eyes already. Obsessed with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Alessandro is focus to make of this spot a scape that will heal you through the experience of forgetting where you are, at what time, and why.

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