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Less is more… A simple portrait with a great character

Abagale Fischer (soon to be releasing under Amunet Shah) is a veteran DJ/producer/engineer and singer/songwriter currently residing in NYC. She’s well known for superb track selection and technical skills, as well as engaging stage performances. Over the past decade she’s held residencies and guest spots nationally and internationally and has releases as a vocalist on Fade Records and Distinctive UK. As a producer and engineer, Abagale’s most recent release “Rain on Jupiter,” (Biatch Corp) gained support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Tim Green, Chris Fortier and Fred P.

Many projects are coming to a close now and are set for release over the course of the next few months. These include collaborations as well as solo releases showcasing her vocals, all of which have been written, produced and engineered solely by her.


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